Romans, Knowing & Applying the Gospel in Life: Gospel

February 4, 2024 ()

Bible Text: Romans 1:1-17, 16:1-27 |


Romans is a letter that has transformed many lives. From Paul’s original audience of first-century house churches in Rome to us today at The Gathering in 2024 - the truths contained in this letter are life-changing, giving us a deeper knowledge of the Gospel while also equipping us to apply the Gospel in our daily lives.

That’s why, throughout the winter and spring of 2024, we’re journeying through the book of Romans together as a church family. As we look ahead to all that God has for us as a church family, we want ensure that we are being shaped & formed by the Gospel in all that we do; knowing it more deeply while applying it more intentionally. We want to be a people who are being transformed by the Gospel!

Although the church Paul is writing to is facing difficulty and persecution, Paul is confident in the message of the gospel and urges them to remain confident as well. So how can we become confident in our faith despite the challenges we face today too?