Become a Member

Privileges and Responsibilities

In an increasingly individualistic society where people run from institutionalized religion of any form, you may wonder why anyone would want to become a member of a church?

Local church membership is an outward practical expression of an inward spiritual reality. When you become a follower of Jesus, you instantly become a “member” of the (capital C) Church (see 1 Corinthians 12:13). By becoming a member at The Gathering, you are simply choosing to acknowledge the spiritual reality that you are already a member of the (capital C) Church. With The Gathering as your local, ‘immediate family’ expression of that reality.

In becoming a member at The Gathering, you are choosing to identify yourself as part of the church family and its vision, mission and values. It’s also a way to formally commit yourself to serve in the church by using your time, talents, and treasures.

At the Gathering, we have a membership workshop that helps you to sort through all of this while allowing you the space to ask whatever questions you may have.

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Membership at The Gathering is a way of saying “I’m in!” “I will give of my time, talents and treasures to see God move in and through this local church!”

And because of that, membership comes with its fair share of commitment and responsibility.

First of all, legally as a member of our church, you can vote to affirm important decisions at our annual general meetings, helping us to make the important decisions that affect the direction of our church (particularly decisions related to our budget and who sits on our board of elders).

It also means that we will need all members to be praying for our church and for its leadership regularly, asking God to lead and provide.

Regular involvement in the weekly life of the church (i.e. Sunday morning & Home Church attendance as well as volunteering in different ways needed) is also encouraged as is tithing and sacrificial giving.

Ultimately, membership at The Gathering is less about “what I can get out of it” and more about “what I can put into it” in worship to Christ. And every church needs more of these kinds of people.