We want to see our youth fall more and more in love with Jesus!
In partnership with Parkway Road Church, we offer Junior High & Senior Youth experiences that engage and equip our youth.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Gavin Pedder, at us at gavinpedder1207@gmail.com.

Gat JH Youth

All kids in Grade 6, 7 and 8 are welcome to join us for a whole lot of crazy fun!

It’s better to learn about Jesus with friends. Our friends become our family. When family gets together it becomes a [re]union.

Wednesdays Onsite from 7-830pm at Parkway Road Church

Tuesdays Online at 7pm on Zoom

Visit the Reunion Facebook page for more information.

Gat Jr High @ [re]UNION is a place where Grades 6-8 can find their place in Christ, and connect with peers of the same faith. We introduce the next generation to worship, preaching, small groups and surround them in love, support, games, events and CANDY!

Led by an energetic team of volunteers, Gat Jr High @ [re]UNION is always unforgettable fun.

Students in grades 6-8 are also invited to join us on Sunday mornings (during the sermon) at St FX High School, where we meet as a church family.

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Gat Youth

A place to connect for Grades 9 - 12

Students in grades 9 – 12 are invited to join us
for Gat Youth @ Mosaic

Thursdays Onsite from 7-9pm at Parkway Road Church

Fridays Online at 7pm on Discord

Visit the Mosaic Facebook page for more information.

GatYouth @ Mosaic exists to challenge the norm and build a faith that grows beyond Sunday mornings and Thursday nights; We strongly believe that a youth group should not be the end goal for a students’ walk with Christ, but the beginning. Students can expect a safe place to explore and wrestle with their faith, while being surrounded a team of leaders who have lived life and found a faith of their own.

Most weeks at Mosaic will feature live music, conversations about life and faith, games, candy and a chance to connect with friends.

Coming Up…

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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