Jeff Jantzi

Jeff is the Lead Pastor at The Gathering Ottawa and preaches most Sunday mornings.

Life Together: Our Shared Story

We all love a story. So what's the story of the church? And more importantly, what's the story God is wanting to tell through the church? Where do we fit?

Life Together: A Community of Love

We live in a lonely and hurting world. A world filled with people who refuse to let people into their lives. But what if letting people in is the way to let God in? And what if kind of healing that Jesus longs to provide us can only really be found in loving community with one another?

Life Together: A Shared Identity

A lot of people think of ‘church’ as being a one or two hour event every Sunday and that’s about it. But what does God think about when he thinks about the Church? What’s his vision for Church? And what might that mean for us at The Gathering? Join us this fall as we talk about what it means to be God’s people (the Church!) who share in “Life Together”.

Being a part of a church is so much more than simply attending a weekly church service. In Christ, we have shared identity and a common purpose. We are family. But what does this mean in practical terms? And how might knowing this change the way we engage in church-life?

God Has a Name: But I Do Not Excuse the Guilty

Many people think of God as being eager to punish them for their sin. This is not true! And yet, in Exodus 34:7, God is clear that He “does not leave the guilty unpunished... laying the sins of the parents on the children... to the third and fourth generation.” So what on earth does that mean?! Is God really going to punish our kids for our sin? Is this to be believed? And how can God still be good and beautiful if this is true?

God Has a Name: Slow to Anger

A lot of people think that God is quick tempered and eager to unleash his anger on people, but God described himself as “Slow to Anger”. What does it mean for God to be slow to anger, and how should we respond?

God Has a Name: Compassionate & Merciful

Many people assume that God is harsh and judgmental, but this is not how God describes himself. What does God being “compassionate & gracious” mean? And why should we care?

God Has a Name: Yahweh

Who is God? Is God a he, a she, a they, or an it? Is God a force or a person? Is God good or evil? Strong or weak? Close or far away? What is God like? The fact is that everyone has a picture of God, whether right or wrong. However, to answer the question of who God is, we have to go to the source.

Join us this summer as we reflect on Exodus 34:6-7, which is God’s self-disclosure of Himself. These verses are some of the most quoted verses in the Bible, by the Bible, and reveals to us the true character of God as much as any other verses in the Bible. But what does all this matter to us today? Why should we care?

(NOTE: This series is inspired by a book that John Mark Comer wrote about this passage called “God Has A Name”.)

Acts of the Apostles: Paul the Persecuted

As Paul finally makes it to Jerusalem (in Acts 21), trouble finds him very quickly. What does this passage/story teach us about the Gospel and perseverance through difficulties in life?

Acts of the Apostles: The Lord’s Will Be Done

"God willing." It's something we sometimes say or pray, but what does it mean? And what do we do when God's will seems incompatible with ours? In Acts 21:1-14, we see people wrestle with God's plan for Paul's life - a plan that included pain and suffering. What can we learn about surrendering to God's will from this story, come what may?