Josh Wang

A Generous Life: Imitating Christ’s Humility

How does Jesus’ choice to empty himself challenge every lesson of self-promotion we've unconsciously absorbed? In Philippians 2:1-11, we encounter the ultimate example of humility in Jesus who shows us that true strength is showcased in surrender and that true glory is expressed in servanthood.

‘Be Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind’

What if transformation was less about trying harder but about surrendering more? Romans 12:1-2 invites us into a life where our hearts and minds are shaped, not by the noise of the world, but by aligning ourselves with the way of Jesus. A renewed mind, a transformed life - it's closer than you think!

Guarding the Heart

Guarding your heart and mind isn't just about protecting yourself; it's about preserving the essence of who you are meant to be and the path you walk. Join us for this week's sermon on Proverbs 4:20-27, where we'll explore how the heart is the wellspring of life, and why our influences echo in our actions, our relationships, and our outcomes. Let's discover how to cultivate a heart that aligns with wisdom and the Spirit of God, and see how it transforms every aspect of our lives.

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep (John 10:1-10):
Through the image of the shepherd, we are reminded of God's love, protection and guidance for us. Jesus invites us to a life that is so full and whole that when taken hold of, anything less would be tragic. In John 10:1-10, we are invited to consider our own identity and to question whether we hear and follow the voice of Jesus.

JAMES: Faith That Works

When God became human and lived among us, he showcased generous love to all social classes. Jesus habitually broke down walls of ethnic division and socio-economic class. James, once again holds up a mirror of self-examination for us: what are the ways in which we duplicate worldly values in judging others? What are the ways in which we, often unaware; tear at the fabric of the people of God? James calls our attention to the royal law that gives freedom.

Guest Speaker Josh Wang: New Humanity

Today we welcome great friend of The Gathering, Josh Wang from Renewal Church.  With a message from the book of Ephesians, Josh preaches that the New Testament teaches us that Jesus has united every nation, language and people as one new undivided humanity by means of his death on the cross. Does this energize, captivate and move you? Is this good news for the world? What does it look like for the ‘set apart’ people of God to maintain the beauty of our own cultures and showcase the brilliant mosaic of God’s transformative love?"

Guest Speaker Josh Wang: Jesus’ Disruptive Presence

In a special “Pulpit Swap” with Renewal Church Ottawa, we’re hearing from Pastor Josh Wang!!  In John 8, we are presented with a messy scene. This is a tale of how religion can be wrongfully wielded to harm others rather than setting them free. A woman stands humiliated in full display before the crowd, and the religious accusers are setting a trap for Jesus. The angry crowd have stones in hand ready to execute her judgment, while others learn to drop the stone in light of Jesus. Who are WE in this story? Jesus reminds us why Love is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus reminds us that new life and turning from sins flows from the grace of the God who saves.

Guest Speaker Josh Wang: Hope in the Midst of Grief

Today, Josh is speaking from the book of 1st Thessalonians. The benediction of this book was an invitation to live by the Spirit, to adopt a depth of joy, trust and gratitude when facing the harsh realities of the world. Join us online as we unpack how this blessing was not only instructive, but simultaneously inspiring, comforting and life-changing.

Guest Speaker Josh Wang “The Journey to Healing”

In today's message, which originally aired on July 17, 2022, we heard from a great friend of The Gathering, Josh Wang, the Lead Pastor at Renewal Church Ottawa. Josh shared a message from the text of 2 Kings 5:1-19. The people of Israel were the people of God, and the story of Naaman is an example of how God goes beyond the lines that humans draw and the boundaries that we erect. This is a story of grace, humility, healing, new humanity and the dividing walls being brought down in God’s power.

Easter 2022: Eastertide

In today's message, friend of The Gathering, Josh Wang from Renewal Church in Barrhaven digs into John 20:19-31.   Here, in Eastertide, we see the breath of God breathed out through Jesus making new people out of the disciples through the Spirit. Through the people of God, Jesus offers new life to the world.