A Generous Life: Being Generous with Our Time

January 7, 2024 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 20:20-28 |


Generosity is not just about what we do with our money; it is a way of life… a beautiful way of life. 

Jesus told us that those who try to hold on to their lives will lose them while those who generously sacrifice their lives for his sake and for the sake of others will gain them. So then, what does it look like to live generous and sacrificial lives? And how can Jesus shape us into the kind of people whose lives reflect the beauty and generosity of God? 

This January, join us at The Gathering as we explore the theme of generosity and how we can become even more intentional in giving of our time, talents and treasures - for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of our hurting world. 

For many of us, our most valuable resource is not our money or something we own - it’s our time. And at times, it feels as though we don’t have enough of it. So how can we live generously with our time, especially when life feels so busy? And what priorities might Jesus invite us to have as we consider how we spend our time?