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Coming out of Sunday Nov 22’s teaching, “UNITED: Characteristics That Unite, LOVE” spend some time in prayerful reflection and dialogue with your Home Church/Friends/Family around any combination of these questions:

Read through John 15:9-17 and 17:20-26 before starting. Pray and ask God to speak.

  1. Jesus commands us to love one another. How does Jesus describe love in John 15?

  2. John talks about the importance of remaining in the Father and in Christ the Son. Why is our relationship with God and Jesus so critical in our ability to love others?

  3. Jesus says in John 17 that our unity will make a difference in the world’s ability to know that God loves them (John 17:23). Have you seen a person affected positively by how Christians loved each other? What can you learn from that experience?

  4. Loving people who disagree with us or have hurt us is hard! Where do you need Jesus to be working in your life to fill you with his love for others? What does that look like for you? What steps do you need to take to be able to love others (examples: forgiving others, confessing your part, choosing to hear others opinions, etc.)?

  5. Ask God how he may be inviting you to love people who are different than you this week. What does that look like practically for you? Share with others and ask them to follow up with you and see if you have done it.

  6. What themes stood out to you most in the series “United”? Which messages resonated with you the most? How can you grow as someone who is pursuing unity with others in the body of Christ? How will you try to live out this series practically in your own life?