Life Hacks: Tips for Spiritual Growth

Everybody loves discovering new ways to simplify life and to become more productive (i.e “Life Hacks”). But what about in our spiritual lives? What are some “Life Hacks” that can help us to grow spiritually and to learn more about about God and His desire for our lives? Join us this September and October at The Gathering Ottawa for an 8-week sermon series called “Life Hacks” where we will be working through the Book of James together – a book full of spiritual wisdom and Life Hacks that will help you grow spiritually. Join us this fall at The Gathering – and bring a friend!

Here’s a glimpse into the topics we will be discussing throughout this series:

Sept 9: “Dealing With Difficulties” (James 1:2-8, 12-18)
Sept 16: “Doing What You’re Told” (James 1:22-27, 2:14-26)
Sept 23: “Avoiding Favouritism” (James 2:1-12)
Sept 30: “Controlling the Tongue” (James 3:3-12)
Oct 7 (Thanksgiving): “Living Wisely” (James 3:13-17)
Oct 14: “Humbling Yourself” (James 4)
Oct 21: “Giving Generously” (James 5:1-6, 1:9-11)
Oct 28: “Praying with Power” (James 5:13-18)

Life Hacks: Praying with Power

Prayer changes things. It’s why the Bible calls us to prayer over and over again. And yet prayer is so often such a big challenge for many of us. Why is that? What is it about prayer that is so difficult for so many of us? Listen now as we conclude “Life Hacks” by exploring this very important topic of prayer and how we can learn to pray with power and authority.

Life Hacks: Boasting & Judgmentalism

Listen here as Guest Speaker Pastor Nathaniel Venasse from Parkway Church continues on in our Life Hacks series! Pastor Nate digs deeper into the book of James and teach us about what the Bible has to say about being boastful and judgemental.

Life Hacks: Humbling Yourself

No one enjoys spending time with a conceited or arrogant person; Pride is not an admirable character quality. So how can we avoid it? What is the antidote to it? Listen here as Guest Speaker Ed Willms continues on in our series called “Life Hacks” where we are studying the Book of James. What does it look like to humble ourselves?  Find out now!

Life Hacks: Living Wisely

Wisdom. Our world desperately needs more of it. So how can we find it? How can we grow in it? And how would it change the way we approach life? Listen on this Thanksgiving Sunday as we continue our journey through the book of James in “Life Hacks” to find out.

Life Hacks: Controlling the Tongue

Words are a powerful thing. We can speak life and we can speak death. We can encourage and we can discourage. We can praise and we can curse. It really comes down to our ability to ‘control the tongue’. So how do we do that? And why should we do that? What’s at stake if we don’t? Listen now as we continue our journey through the book of James in “Life Hacks” to find out.

Life Hacks: Avoiding Favouritism

We all have favourites: favourite foods, favourite movies, favourite vacation spots, favourite styles of music etc. But what about people? Is it OK to have favourite types of people or not? Well, it depends on what you mean by “favourite”. Listen here as we explore what the Book of James has to say about favouritism, discrimination and prejudice.

Life Hacks: Doing What You’re Told

It’s important to have good doctrine and beliefs about God but even more important that we live them out. James tells us that “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26). But, practically speaking, what does this actually mean? Do our works “save” and make us right with God, or not? And what kind of “works” does God want from us anyway? Listen here, as Jeff explores these very important questions in our study through the book of James.

Dealing with Difficulties

What do you do when trouble comes your way? Do you blame others or get angry with God? Do you try and ‘pray it away’ and to do whatever it takes to make it stop? How are we supposed to respond when life is hard and we experience trials and tribulations?  What does the Bible says our response to trials and difficulties should be? Join us next week for Week 1 of “Life Hacks” as we explore the Book of James together.