Acts of the Apostles

The Book of Acts tells an amazing story. It tells the story of how God began the movement known as The Church. And it tells the story of all the amazing things that God, by His Spirit, did through this movement as His people committed to following Jesus together and to reclaiming God’s vision for the world, even as they faced some extraordinary challenges together.

For us, coming out of the pandemic (we hope!), there may be no better time than now to explore this story together as a church. What can we learn about ‘being the church’ through this amazing story together? And how might God long to recapture our imaginations and rekindle His vision for the church in us as we look at this story together as The Gathering?

This fall, join us at The Gathering as we begin our journey through the book of Acts and look to receive fresh inspiration from God as we join Him in His mission today.

Lessons From Acts

Sermon Description: We've heard a lot of great stories and learned a lot of things as we've worked our way through the book of Acts, but what does it all mean? And how do these stories and lessons apply to us as a people and as a church today? This Sunday, we will be wrapping up our journey through the book of Acts by reflecting on the three main themes in Acts, considering how they apply to us today.

Acts of the Apostles: The End of the Beginning

Acts 28 tells the story of the "end of the beginning" of the church, as the story of the early church comes to a close. So what can we learn from Acts 28 about God's activity in the world? And what does it mean for us? What does it mean to be a church on mission today?

“When Storms Hit”

Storms' are a reality of life. So what can we do when they hit? How can we navigate the challenges of life in a God-honouring way? In Acts 27, the Apostle Paul was hit by a (literal) storm. So how did we respond? And what can we learn from his example?

Acts of the Apostles: Can I Get a Witness?

As Paul defends himself to King Agrippa in Acts 26, he bears witness to Christ. What can we learn from Paul’s example about sharing Jesus with others, even amidst animosity and opposition?

Acts of The Apostles: The Frightening Message of Jesus

A lot of people think that the good new of Jesus is an easy-going, feel-good, happy-clappy kind of message. And while it is "good" news of great joy, it is also "frightening" to a certain extent as well. At least, this is how the Roman Governor Felix heard it when the Apostle Paul shared the Gospel with him in Acts 24. So, what is so 'frightening' about the message of Jesus? And why should this matter to us today?

Acts of the Apostles: Paul the Persecuted

As Paul finally makes it to Jerusalem (in Acts 21), trouble finds him very quickly. What does this passage/story teach us about the Gospel and perseverance through difficulties in life?

Acts of the Apostles: The Lord’s Will Be Done

"God willing." It's something we sometimes say or pray, but what does it mean? And what do we do when God's will seems incompatible with ours? In Acts 21:1-14, we see people wrestle with God's plan for Paul's life - a plan that included pain and suffering. What can we learn about surrendering to God's will from this story, come what may?

Acts of the Apostles: Paul’s Farewell Speech

If you could gather everyone that you love into the same room and share some parting words with them, knowing that you are likely to never see these people again, what would you say? In Acts 20:13-36, we find the Apostle Paul's "Farewell Speech" to leaders of the church in Ephesus - a church and people that he loved dearly. So what did he say? And might his words mean for us today?

Acts of the Apostles: Sleeping in Church

In Acts 20, we find this miraculous story about a young man who was raised to life after falling asleep in church and falling out a window to his death. Some of us may be in danger of falling asleep not just in church, but on God himself. What does it look like to be awake to God and his presence in our world?

Acts of the Apostles: Stories from Ephesus

In Acts 19, we find three stories about Paul's time in Ephesus. Stories that point us towards the power of Jesus in our lives. What do these stories reveal to us about the greatness of Jesus and his power for us today?