Dan Chook Reid

In the Face of Opposition

Do you ever feel like if you are being faithful to God and obedient that life should be easy? Often it is the case that life is smoother when we are obedient to have God has called us to live but what about when following Jesus is really hard? How do we interpret our sufferings and our trials? Join us as Dan unpacks how when we are faithful to God sometimes that means we face opposition and how to stand firm in the face of trials.

The Lord’s Prayer, Dan Chook Reid

Have you ever prayed the Lord's Prayer? If you memorized it as a child it could have fond memories or it could have negative memories and be associated with empty religion. Is there any value in praying these ancient words today? Join us as Dan unpacks this powerful text from Matthew 6 and teaches on the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray.

Sundays with Dan: Faith in the Face of Fear

In today's message, which originally aired on September 11, 2022, Dan brought a message on experiences with Jesus, from Matthew 4, called “Faith in the Face of Fear.”  Fear and faith. Many of us do not realize that in scripture sometimes fear is used as the opposite of faith. It is difficult to not be afraid when you are in a giant storm. Dan will teach the story of Jesus calming the storm and share about some of his deepest fears coming out of his cancer struggle. You won't want to miss this message!

Sundays with Dan: Unexpected People in Unexpected Places

There are certain places where you might expect to see God at work. In a church for example, or within a religious group. However, in today's story we are reminded that Jesus goes to some unexpected places and has conversations that were very unusual for his time. Through these stories we will remember how God is at work drawing people to himself that don't necessarily fit our ideal of a Christian. Jesus breaks through barriers and loves unexpected people in unexpected places.

Dan Chook Reid “Going Deeper”

In today's message, which originally aired on August 14, 2022, Dan gave a message titled “Going Deeper”. Sometimes we find ourselves trying to "check out" Jesus from the sidelines. We are interested but we are not necessarily one to do something extreme. In today's story however Jesus comes and calls Simon into deeper waters. Afterwards his life will never be the same.

Sundays with Dan: Knowing you are a Child of the King

In today's message, which originally aired on July 24, 2022, Dan shared a message from the text of Matthew 3:13-17.  How do you introduce yourself to others? When you talk about your identity, what are the most important things to you? Your job? Your relationships to others? When God sees you, what does he see?  Let’s talk about Jesus' baptism and what the Father's proclamation has to do with how we understand our identity even today.

I Am: The Way, The Truth and The Life

In today's message, which originally aired on July 10, 2022, Dan shared a message from his "I Am" series on The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and from the text of John 14:1-11. As Christians, it can be tempting to see Jesus and Christianity as an equivalent option to get to God, as all the other options. In a world with so many different narratives and beliefs, we can be tempted to see our faith as just another path to God. However, Jesus doesn't really give us that option. Join us as we look at Jesus' bold statement "I am the way, the truth and the life" and his declaration that if we want to find our way to God, then we should look to Him.

I Am: The True Vine

Today, Dan is sharing a message from his "I Am" series on the True Vine, and from the text of John 15:1-17. Where do you turn to for your energy, strength and peace? Do you even know what you rely on? Jesus makes a statement that He is the true vine and we’re unpacking what that means. What does it look like for Him to be our source of energy, strength and life?  Watch now to find out!