Dan Chook Reid

United: Race and the Church

Race. Sadly, it’s an issue that has divided the church for centuries. So how can we, as followers of Jesus, be intentional to build bridges across racial, ethical and cultural divides? And how can the good news of Jesus guide and shape our efforts? What does it look like to be united in Christ, despite these differences?

Psalm 1

Dan Chook Reid wraps up our Summer of Psalms with a message from Psalm 1.

Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less & Give More

This advent season we are looking to celebrate Christmas in a counter-cultural way; by Worshiping Fully, Spending Less, Giving More, and Loving all. This week we are focusing in on Spending Less and Giving More. How should the Christmas cause us to reflect on our spending habits and to become more generous?

The Good and Beautiful Life: Living As Kingdom People

Jesus invites us not to a religion, but to follow Him and to live our lives as Kingdom people. But what does that look like in our daily lives?  This Sunday we look at Jesus’ teaching on this topic, and what it means to abide in Him daily.