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Coming out of Sunday Nov 15’s teaching, “UNITED: Better Together, Men and Women Leading Together”, spend some time in prayerful reflection and dialogue with your Home Church/Friends/Family around any combination of these questions:

Read through John 20:1-18 before starting. Pray and ask God to speak.

  • What resonated most with you from Sunday’s message and/or the passage we just read as it relates to the role of women in the spreading of the good news of Jesus? Why is that? How is God speaking to you?

  • What makes the topic of “women in leadership” whether in the world or in the church such an important one (i.e. Why should we care?)? Why is it often so complex as well?
  • For the women in the group – What has your experience of sexism been? In the church? In the workplace? In the world? (Men – listen to their stories/experiences. Ask clarifying questions in order to better understand)
  • Some say that the Bible is clear in it’s teaching that women should not take on leadership/teaching positions in the church or in the home (see 1 Timothy 2:11-15, 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 or Ephesians 5:21-30, for example. ). Jeff & Karen, however, gave some reasons why they see it differently (i.e. Paul’s positioning of women in leadership roles in the church, the context the various passages, cultural implications etc.). What is your understanding of what the Bible teaches on this issue? How was (or wasn’t) your perspective challenged on Sunday?
  • How can passages like Galatians 3:28, John 20:1-18 and Genesis 2:18-25 shape the way we understand God’s desire for gender equality and equity in the church and in the world (and in leadership)? Can you think of any other passages (or concepts) in the Bible that might speak to this as well?
  • Jeff and Karen spoke about “The Billy Graham Rule” and how strict enforcement to this rule can unintentionally result in women being excluded and segregated, especially in leadership circles. What did you think about Jeff & Karen’s take on this ‘rule’? (Bonus question: Do you think Jesus did or did not practice a version of “The Billy Graham Rule?” Can you think of any times in his life and ministry where he ‘broke’ this rule?) What are some other ‘unspoken’ (0r spoken) rules/cultural expectations (whether in the church, workplace or home) that can result in women being excluded, segregated or even mistreated?
  • Jeff and Karen shared some next steps that we can take to grow in our unity as men and women. Which next steps most resonate with you? Why? Can you think of other next steps that can be taken (hint: there are MANY!)? Here’s a summary of some of the next steps Jeff & Karen mentioned:
    • Continue learning about what the Bible actually does and doesn’t teach about the role of women in the church and in the home (see as a good resource).
    • Read “Better Together” by Danielle Strickland, and/or explore other resources that speak to these issues.
    • Men – Listen to the stories of women. Ask questions. Try to understand. Apologize when necessary. Consider the ways you might be unintentionally (or intentionally) contributing to the marginalization of women in our world.
    • Be gracious with each other when we theologically disagree on this issue.
    • Commit to “do better” no matter your theological convictions on this issue.
    • Consider how we can empower young women/girls in our families and church community (remembering that a girl’s self-confidence peaks by age 8, while a boy’s peaks by age 18).
  • Spend some time in prayer together as a group. Pray specifically for the women in the group. Have the men bless them, and invite the Spirit of God to continue his work in our church family – making us a safe place where men and women can flourish together in unity, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


For a helpful theological resource that deals with some of the contentious passages re women in leadership, check out Greg Boyd’s essay “The Case for Women in Leadership (click for link).

Also, check out the excellent 2019 message series called “Her Story(click for link) from The Meeting House in Toronto.