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Guest Speaker: Dr. Steve Brown “Living Differently in the Grind”

Coming out of Sunday’s teaching from Dr. Steve Brown, “Living Differently in the Grind“, spend some time in prayerful reflection and dialogue with your Home Church/Friends/Family around any combination of these questions.

1. Does the term “languishing” describe how you have felt during COVID? If yes, please share more. If no, what word or phrase would better describe you during COVID and why?
2. What’s been hardest and/or helped you persevere through this difficult time?
3. The message lists six practices Paul gave for living differently in difficult times (list them here). Is there one you have been seeking to live out? Is there one you want to get better at?
4. What’s the difference you want others to see in you because of your faith?
5. How can you keep nurturing that difference?