SOUL TRAINING: “Hospitality”

This Week’s SOUL TRAINING: “Hospitality”

God cares deeply about those who are left out. The Kingdom of God includes those who the world excludes. Therefore, living as Kingdom people involves radical hospitality – inviting and including others who others have ignored, forgotten and excluded – because our King is a God of hospitality.

Ask questions of curiosity of people who are different than you. Listen to and pay close attention to other people and their perspective. Become aware of the people around you and their practical needs. Be a preparer – doing the little things that make people feel loved.

Extra practice
Reach out to someone outside your comfort zone. Ask if they want to have coffee or go out to lunch. Host a dinner for your neighbours. Take extra time to make your house look inviting from the curb – do some yard work, trim any bushes that hang into other yards or over the sidewalk, pick up some trash. Write a note or send a gift card to someone outside your circle that you know is having a hard time.

Family practice
Encourage your children to invite friends over after school. Make a special snack. Host a sleepover or play date and make it extra fun. Make your house the place where your children and their friends want to hang out!


Each week throughout the “Good and Beautiful Life” message series, we will be inviting you to engage in a different spiritual practice with God. These practices are intended to help you reflect on and to apply the truth from Sunday’s message (i.e. “Soul Training”). To help you remember these practices and to encourage you to be intentional to engage, each week we will post more information about that week’s practice here (in addition to a weekly email reminder). Our hope and prayer is that many in our church family will meet with Jesus in new and profound ways as we engage in these transformative soul training exercises together!

Let us know about your experience with this practice and how God met with you through it. We’d love to be able to tell encouraging stories like yours to our church family throughout this series! Email JeffDan or Kristyn to share your experience.
This sermon series and the spiritual practices that we will be inviting you to participate in are all based on a book called “The Good and Beautiful Life” by James Bryan Smith. You can purchase the book on Amazon here OR you can purchase a copy on Sundays for $20. We have a limited number available, so email Kristyn if you would like to reserve a copy.