The earliest Christ-followers met together in homes to do life and church together. It was a vibrant, interactive community where everyone had a role to play.

At The Gathering, we want to get back to this original vision.

We believe that church is not only about sitting in rows on Sundays while some person preaches from a stage. We believe it’s also about sitting in circles and turning our chairs inward to face each other. Only then can we take off our masks and do the real work of building authentic, life-changing relationships.

At the Gathering, we are committed to simplifying life. And because of that, we don’t often offer many mid-week programs and events. Instead, we want people to connect in community and to build spiritual friendships.

And that’s what Home Church is all about; Experiencing the kind of spiritual growth and life change that can only happen in community. So, if you’re not already in a Home Church, take the next step and try one out this week!

Each week during the school year,

different groups of people from The Gathering meet in homes to live out this vision, taking their faith to a deeper level in community.

Home Church Leaders/Facilitators: Click here to find the “Good and Beautiful Life Discussion Guide” for your group discussion.

Our Home Churches

Each group meets in a home on a week night for about 2 hours. There are usually somewhere between 6-12 people in a group. To get more information about a specifc Home Church or to get connected to one, contact the church office at

***Please note that the current Home Church groups are subject to change as the Winter 2020 plans are being finalized.***


7:30 PM in Riverside South

Craig & Linda lead this group.


Mornings in Barrhaven (Women)

Maureen leads a group for women, Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11:30am.

6:30 PM in North Gower

Matt & Julie lead this group.

7:30 PM in Riverside South

Jeff & Kim lead this group.


7:30 PM in The Glebe

Michael & Brenda lead a group which meets bi-weekly dinner.  Kids are welcome!


6:00 PM in Riverside South

 Linda leads a group which has a potluck dinner together and then meets afterwards. Kids are welcome!

7:15 PM in Orleans

Roger & Suzanne and Blair & Bonnie take turns leading this group.


7:00 PM in Greely (Young Adults)

Young Adults are invited to Parkways ‘YA’ program!  Click here for details.