Conversation Starters: The Widow’s Offering

If you missed Sunday October 29th’s message, “The Widow’s Offering, you can listen to it here.

  • How did God speak to you and/or challenge during the service this past Sunday?
  • Read the story of “The Widow’s Offering” in Mark 12:41-44. Before the sermon on Sunday, how did you understand this story? Coming out of the sermon, how did your understanding change?
  • Jeff argued that this story is not about generosity and giving, but about spiritual abuse. In what ways was this widow a victim of spiritual abuse? How do you think Jesus felt about that?
  • How you define spiritual abuse? Do you think this is still a problem in the world (and the church, at large) today? Why or why not? (Give examples)
  • Have you ever personally experienced or seen a form of spiritual or religious abuse (abuse in the name of God)? Talk about your experience.
  • Jeff talked about how spiritual abuse is one of the main reasons people often stay away from the church and faith.  What are some ways that we can share the good news of Jesus to people who have seen and/or experienced spiritual abuse and don’t want to be associated with the church as a result?
  • Jeff talked about how Jesus was a victim of spiritual/religious abuse as he was crucified on the cross (and the religious leaders tried to muzzle him). How does knowing this change the way we think about our experience with abuse?
  • Finally, Jeff talked about the role of the church (you & mean) as being a ‘refuge’ for the poor, hurting and broken. What does this look like/mean? How did God encourage you to be a ‘refuge’ to someone this week? Did he give you a name of who you should be a ‘refuge’ for?
  • Spend some time in prayer together as a Home Church. Pray that God would give us the courage to act on the call to be a ‘refuge’ for the hurting and broken this week.