Conversation Starters: Love & Betrayal

By November 19, 2017Conversation Starters

Missed Sunday November 19th’s teaching, “Love and Betrayal?” Listen here.

  • Spend some time debriefing the Sunday morning service. How did God speak to you?
  • OPENER: Talk about a time when you experienced a betrayal in your life. What did you feel?
  • Talk for a moment about Jesus’ betrayal by Judas Iscariot. Does the fact that Jesus was betrayed help you as you process your own experiences being betrayed?
  • Read Mark 14:1-11 together and discuss the passage. What stood out to you? Why?
    • What is significant about the woman’s expression of worship toward Jesus? Why did Jesus defend her?
    • Discuss the contrast between the woman with the alabaster jar (in V3-9), and both the religious leader (in V1-2) and Judas Iscariot (in V10-11). What do you think Mark is trying to show us here?
    • What is significant about Judas’ decision to betray Jesus immediately following the story with the woman? What does this reveal to us about Judas’ motivation in betraying Jesus?
  • It was Judas’ greed and love of money that led him to betray Jesus. Discuss how subtle greed can be in our lives. Why is it that greed is so hard to detect in ourselves?
  • Jeff talked about how nobody really ‘loves’ money, but that we often love the things more provides: Security, Comfort and Control. In what ways does money provide these three things in our lives (what do these three things look like?)? Which one of these three are you personally most inclined to ‘love’? Why?
  • What is the ‘cure’ to greed? Why?
  • Jeff talked about the invitation in this passage is to become like the woman, as opposed to Judas. What does that look like? How can we become more like the woman, and less like Judas?
  • What is your next step coming out of this teaching?