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Coming out of the Sunday Nov 14th’s on “The Healed Beggar (Acts 3:1-11)”, spend some few minutes at the beginning of your Home Church gathering by discussing any combination of these questions:

  • How did God speak to you through the passage and/or Sunday’s message?
  • What questions did the passage and/or message raise for you?
  • What is so significant about this story? What are some of the key messages/principles/ideas arising from this story?

Reflection Questions from Sunday’s Sermon:

1. Think about a current challenge in your life. What might it look like for you to have faith and to obey God DURING this particular challenge?
2. Where are you potentially asking God for LESS than what he has in mind for your life?
3. How might God want to use your story to bring his healing and wholeness to others in your life?