Warm for the Winter

In 2018, there were over 7530 people in Ottawa with no place to call home.  Some were able to find space in an emergency shelter or transitional housing, some were in hospitals, treatments centres, or jails.  Some were fortunate enough to be able to “couch surf” from night to night.  But 5% of those people, were sleeping unsheltered, on the street.  That’s 376 people in our city sleeping in the cold.  You know how cold our winters can get…can you imagine spending even half an hour trying to sleep outside on a freezing cold January night, let alone the entire night, night after night after night?  Neither can we.

Ottawa Innercity Ministries (OIM) is a great organization in our city that has been called to come along people experiencing poverty and homelessness.  They demonstrate the message of Christ in deed and word, they show compassion, and they empower individuals through a strength-based approach. They are working towards building a just society where people are valued, showed dignity and respect, and are given opportunities to attain a higher quality of life.

Along side OIM, we want to help keep the homeless individuals in our city warm when winter hits this year, so we’re going to provide them with winter rated sleeping bags…and we need your help to do that.

We’ve outlined two options below, for how you can help meet the need.  You can purchase a sleeping bag, and have it shipped to the below address, and we will get it to OIM to distribute to those in need.  Alternatively, you can make a financial donation, and we will use those funds to purchase a sleeping bag for you.

Shipping Address:
Kristyn Weatherbee c/o The Gathering

7275 Parkway Road, Greely ON K4P 1N5

A GOOD OPTION (bought through the Costco website):
North 49 Frontier 9 Sleeping Bag.  This sleeping bag costs $149.99 and is good for weather as cold as -25C. Purchase the sleeping bag here.  This sleeping bag would be handed out with a blanket as well, so that it would be suitable for the very cold nights. If you would like to purchase a blanket as well, here is a nice one!

A GREAT OPTION (bought through the Amazon website):
Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag costs $184.88 and is good for weather as cold as -32C.  Purchase the sleeping bag here.

If you would rather make a financial contribution instead of purchasing a sleeping bag, that is a great option too!  Designated donations will be used to purchase as many sleeping bags as we’re able to with the money that has been donated.  To make a financial contribution, send an e-transfer to info@thegatheringottawa.com and be sure to indicate “Sleeping Bag Initiative” in the message section of the e-transfer.  If CanadaHelps is your preferred method of donation, please be sure to donate to the “General Fund” and again, be sure to indicate “Sleeping Bag Initiative” in the message section.