Crossroads: Called To Be A Blessing

Abraham was called by God from out of where he lived to come to a special place. Right in the middle from that moment to today, we see Jesus standing at the crossroads of history, and we are also called, like Abraham, to partner with God in His continuous plan to rescue humanity.

Acts of the Apostles: Drop Dead

Today's message come from Acts 5:1-11.  Ananias and Sapphira lie before the Holy Spirit and then drop dead. Yikes! What’s this story all about? What does it mean for us today?

Acts of the Apostles: Testify

The early church’s lifestyle testified to the risen Christ. How? How can we live the same kind of lives today? This morning's message comes from Acts 4:32-35.

Better Together: Gathered in Community

Attending a church service each week is not like attending any other event. Gathering with the church to worship shapes who we are becoming. But why? And how does this happen? What is the role of church gatherings and worship services in our faith? Why are they so important?

Better Together: Shaped By Community

Following Jesus is a team sport. We can’t do it on our own; We need to belong to a Jesus-centred community in order to grow and become like Jesus. So why is it that this kind of community is so rare (even in the church)? And how can we be more intentional to become this kind of community together?

Better Together: Created for Community

We weren’t created to do life alone, we were created for community and connection with others. But what is this ‘community and connection with others’ to look like according to Scripture?

CONNECTED: Friendship for Sale

We live in a materialistic and consumeristic world.  "Buy this, but that" messages are everywhere and are unavoidable. So how does consumerism impact our relationships? And what does the Gospel have to say about that?

Deeply Rooted Community

We were created for real, authentic relationships. The Bible teaches that we can never become who God created us to become without them. But why then do we so often settle for fake, fickle, and superficial relationships instead? What does it look like to experience “Deeply Rooted Community” together? Join us Sunday to find out!

Church as a ‘Family’

We live in a world where, through technology, people are more connected than ever before and at the same time more lonely than ever before. Even in churches, at times. People can attend regularly and yet feel completely disconnected from others, leaving many of them to wonder why they bother with church at all. But what if God’s vision for church was something completely different? What if the church was supposed to be a family? What if real (messy) community can be found in a Church Family?