Why Church?

Church – Why bother? It’s a good question and a question that deserves a good answer. Because the reality is that a lot of people today feel like Church is a waste of time and that they don’t need the Church in order to be a good or even a spiritual & religious person. So then why bother with church at all? Why would anyone want be a part of it? Join us this September as we wrestle with the question “Why Church?” together.

Church as a ‘Sent People’

It’s easy to make church “all about me” and my personal preferences. “Do I like the Pastor?” “Do I like the preaching?” “Do I like the music?” “Do I like the people?” And in doing this, we run the risk of turning the church into a social club full of people with similar interests and beliefs. But is that really the kind of Church that Jesus envisioned when he said that, “I will build my church and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it”? Is that really what he hoped for when he told his first disciples to, “Go and make disciples of every nation”? No chance! So what, then, does it look like for the church to be a “sent people” and to live on mission? Hint: It has very little to do with the whether or not we like the preacher.

Church as a ‘Family’

We live in a world where, through technology, people are more connected than ever before and at the same time more lonely than ever before. Even in churches, at times. People can attend regularly and yet feel completely disconnected from others, leaving many of them to wonder why they bother with church at all. But what if God’s vision for church was something completely different? What if the church was supposed to be a family? What if real (messy) community can be found in a Church Family?


Church as a ‘Gathered People’

People are attending church services at an all-time low these days. The Church, for many, has become irrelevant and attending a worship service has fallen off the radar completely. And yet churches continue to meet each and every week. But why? What makes the Sunday morning Church service so important? And why would anybody commit to attending on a regular basis? Because there has to be a better reason than, “Because you should.”