The Lord's Prayer

Without a doubt, “The Lord’s Prayer” is the most famous prayer ever prayed. Many churches pray it together in their services each week as part of their liturgy. People often recite it at funerals and at significant moments in their lives. Just a couple decades ago, it was recited in schools across Canada every morning. It is a very familiar prayer to religious and non-religious people alike. But what is the point of this prayer? And why does it matter so much? How could praying it, as Jesus instructed us to, shape the way we live our lives and grow our connection to Christ as we aim to follow Him each and every day?

Join us at The Gathering this January – March as we explore this epic prayer together!

The Lord’s Prayer: Teach Us To Pray

Part of the challenge with “The Lord’s Prayer” is that is so familiar. We think that we know it just because we have it memorized and have heard it so many times. However, there is a big difference between reciting this prayer and actually praying this prayer deeply from the heart. So what would it look like if we actually prayed as Jesus taught us to pray?