The Good and Beautiful Life

Everybody wants to be happy, but many don’t know what happiness truly is. In Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount (in Matthew 5-7), Jesus talked about what it looks like to live a happy and blessed life – a “Good and Beautiful Life” where we are transformed from the inside-out and take on the character of Christ.

The question is how? How can we be happy? How can we be transformed? What are some key behaviours and practices that we need to engage in in order to become like Christ?

Join us this fall at The Gathering every Sunday morning and in our Home Churches (small groups) mid-week as we talk through the Sermon on the Mount and how we can experience “The Good and Beautiful Life” together.

The Good & Beautiful Life (Series Opener)

What does it mean to be happy? Truly happy? And what if happiness is not what you think it is? Join us this Sunday as we talk about true happiness and how we can experience it.