Slowing Down

Before COVID, most of us probably would have said that we were busy. Too busy. Our calendars were too full, our kids were out several nights a week, we were overwhelmed and stressed at work, we were (are?) glued to our devices all day long, and we had very little time for ourselves (never mind God). But COVID changed this for many of us. It forced us to slow down and to press pause on our busy lifestyles. It’s also given us an opportunity – an opportunity to slow down and to reimagine what God might want our lives to look like on the other side of COVID.

So, as we look to the future, how might our lives be different as we commit to following Jesus by ruthlessly eliminating hurry from our life? What attitudes, perspectives and practices might Jesus be inviting us to embrace in order to protect ourselves from ‘hurry’ in the future? Join us every Sunday @10:30AM throughout the month of June as we reimagine what our lives could look like as we slow down and embrace unhurried lives on the other side of COVID.

Slowing Down: The Easy Yoke

Following Jesus is not easy, but it should lead to joy and freedom. How does this happen? What does it look like to embrace the “easy yoke” that Jesus spoke about?

Slowing Down: The Problem of Hurry

It’s been said that “hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day.” But...why? What makes hurry so toxic for our souls? As we reimagine our lives on the other side of Covid, how might Jesus invite us to live less-hurried-lives?