A Thrill of Hope

Christmas = Hope. Hope for our world. Hope for our families. Hope for humanity. Hope in all things! Join us this Christmas season as we look at the HOPE that Christ brings to all of life.

Hope for Humanity

Loneliness. Bitterness. Rage. Discontentment. Darkness. Ever feel like something is just a bit “off” on the inside. That something just isn’t right on the inside? Well you’re not alone – it’s common thread across all of humanity. But the good news is that the message of Christmas is a message of Hope. That Christmas = Hope! Hope in the midst of our brokenness and our hopelessness. Would you join us on Christmas Eve as we celebrate this hope that we have in Christ together?


#HopeForTheHopeless #Forgiveness #Life

Hope for the Family

Parenting. Marriage. Family. Busy-ness. Stress. Sometimes it feels like we’re just hanging on by a thread. “Is there any hope for my family?” Watch Jeff's short message on the message of Christmas and how it brings hope to families.

#SlowingDownForChristmas #Hope #Love

Hope for the World

War. ISIS. Terrorism. Fear. Poverty. Injustice. Refugees. Sometimes it seems like our world is just falling apart. Is there any hope for our broken world?

Listen as Jeff shares how Jesus is the hope of the world!


#Hosanna #Hope #TheWearyWorldRejoices