Campfire Stories Summer 2019 Series

Everybody loves a good story. It’s why we watch movies, read books, and sit around campfires in the summer with our kids telling stories. And it’s a big reason why the Bible (especially the Old Testament) is so interesting – because it’s filled with great stories. Stories of eternal significance. Stories that have the power to change us. Stories that point us to Jesus.

This summer, join us as we look at a different Old Testament Bible story each week and consider how these stories point us to Jesus.

Campfire Stories: The Story of The Bible

Let's face it, the Bible can be a difficult book to understand - especially parts of the Old Testament. But what if there was a way to understand the Bible that could help us make better sense of it? And what if we were to see the Bible not just as a collection of random stories, but as a collection of books and letters that all tell one unified story? That story being the story of Jesus and His redeeming work in the world?

Campfire Stories: The Story of Nehemiah

Have you ever looked out over your city and felt deep despair and sadness? Has your heart stirred, moving you to pray, longing to see a move of God? Nehemiah saw his city in a state of destruction because of his people’s disobedience and it stirred within him a vision for his nation. When Nehemiah saw shame and discouragement, his faith caused him to believe that God could redeem and restore. Hear how his visionary leadership is a foreshadowing of the very work Jesus was coming to do.

Campfire Stories: The Story of Esther

Did you know that there is a book in the Old Testament that doesn’t explicitly mention “God” in at at all?  It’s the book of Esther - a story about a Jewish Queen who God used to save God’s people. What’s a story like this in the Bible for? And what could a story that doesn’t even mention God reveal to us about the nature of God?  Join us on Sunday July 21st as we dig into the story of Esther and consider how it points us to Jesus.

Campfire Stories: The Story of Ruth

Ruth is a story of great pain, despair and loss. Ruth herself displays great loyalty, commitment and trust. There is great faith met by unexpected provision. In addition, Ruth experiences deep sadness and mourning and yet, through risk and vulnerability, she finds love. Hear how this classic love story of devotion, faith and partnership point to the person of Jesus.

Campfire Stories: The Story of David & Goliath

The story of David & Goliath is often considered a classic underdog story. Or a classic good vs evil story. Or a classic “overcoming the giants in your life” story. But is this really what this story is about? Underdogs? Good vs Evil? Giants? What if there is much more to the story than we realize?  Listen here as we explore this classic Old Testament story and consider how it points us to Jesus.