Answering the Call

What does it mean to be “called by God?” How can we figure out our calling? How can I even know if I am called?

Calling Killers

God has a call on your life. He wants to use to to advance his purposes in this world. So what's stopping us from living into our God-given destiny? What keeps us from fully engaging in the call of God on our lives?

Watch as Pastor Jeff Jantzi concludes the sermon series, "Answering the Call"

One-in-a-Million Call

God has a specific plan and purpose for every single one of us. But how do we know if we're living it out? How do we determine what our calling is? What if you're missing out on God's purpose for your life? Let's take the mystery out of what it means to embrace God's unique call on your life.

Watch Jeff's message on how to discern your one-in-a-million call in life.

Who? ME?!

Most of us aren't "called by God", are we? I mean, how can you really know if He has placed a calling on your life? I suppose if you're a priest, pastor, saint, or missionary then surely God must have a calling on your life. But what about the rest of us? Do we have a calling? In our gut, don't we all desire to fulfill our destiny and leave a legacy? What do we do with this deep longing and desire in our heart?