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Hey Church Family, 

This past Sunday, Jeff taught through John 15:1-8 and talked about the importance of “Being With Jesus” and remaining in Him in 2023.  If you missed it, you can watch/listen to that message here. 

As an application to that message, Jeff challenged us to commit to ‘Being with Jesus’ by spending (at least) 5 minutes a day in the Scriptures, starting by reading the book of John throughout the rest of January (1 chapter a day, 21 chapters, starting Monday January 8). We’re calling this challenge “Johnuaury”… (Get it?! 😏)

While we’re already a couple days into this ‘Johnuary’ challenge, it’s not too late to join if you’ve missed. You can always catch up!

And here’s a few practical suggestions for you as you read each day:

  1. Pray. Before you read, ask God to speak to you through the Scriptures.
  2. Read Slowly – Don’t rush through that days chapter. As you read, what do you notice? What words, sentences, or ideas resonate with you? Why? What questions emerge for you? If you can, read the chapter again (and maybe a third time).
  3. Apply. Ask, “With God’s help, how can I apply what I’ve read to my life today?” Ask the Holy Spirit to make this clear to you.

Also, as a way to encourage you, we will be posting a ‘highlight verse’ from that days reading  at 8AM everyday on our Facebook and Instagram page (from Jan 8-Jan 29). So make sure to check that out and to comment & share if that particular verse was meaningful to you. 

Finally, as you read through John this ‘Johnuary’, reach out to us (and to one another) and let us know how God is speaking to you. You can email Jeff directly at to share your thoughts and questions.

So, may you come to know and love Jesus more as you read through the book of John throughout the rest of this month! Happy Johnuary.