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November 2021

Dear Gathering Family,

The Board of Elders would like your input.

At our Annual General Meeting in March (March 5, 2022), we would like to affirm two (2) or three (3) new Elders to the Board, Lord willing.  So, we are inviting the congregation to participate by prayerfully considering and submitting nominations of potential candidates for the Elders and Nominations Team to consider.

For those who may be unaware, here is a list of our current Elders and their status:

  • Noah Grossman (Chair), Term expires in 2022
  • Lori Dobson, Term expires in 2022
  • Susan Peyton, Term expires in 2023
  • Michael Kirkwood (Treasurer), Term expires in 2023
  • Craig Cudmore, Term expires in 2025
  • Matt Oderkirk, Resigned effective October 2021

Church member or not, we would like your input.  Would you first take some time to read through the “Biblical Introduction to Church Eldership” document (below) and then prayerfully consider who you might feel led by God to nominate as a potential Elder (see Nomination Form below)? All nominations will be kept strictly confidential and must be submitted prior to January 15, 2022.

We are very excited about where God is leading us as a church, but recognize how critical it is that we have the ‘right’ leaders on our Elder Board moving forward. So above all, please remember to seek the Lord on this issue and to ask Him to call godly, Christ-centered leaders to our Elder board as we seek to continue to grow God’s Kingdom in our city.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or Pastor Jeff (, as well as any other Elder.

On behalf of the Elder Board at The Gathering,

Noah Grossman
Chair of the Board of Elders




  • Congregational prayer and discernment and direction from the Holy Spirit.
  • Congregation to submit Nomination Forms of potential Elder Candidates to Pastor Jeff Jantzi, (Deadline: Jan 15, 2022)

(Please note: All names of nominees will be kept strictly confidential between the Pastor and the current Board of Elders).


  • Follow-up, interviews and further discernment to be completed by a Pastor Jeff and a subcommittee of the Elder Board.
  • Pastor Jeff and the subcommittee to formally recommend one (1) or two (2) Elder Candidates to the Board of Elders upon completion of discernment process.
  • Board of Elders will notify the church family of the board’s recommendation of Candidates for the Board of Elders a couple weeks prior to our AGM.

 MARCH 5, 2022 (AGM)

  • A vote to affirm two (2) or three (3) new Candidates that the Board of Elders has recommended to the church membership will take place.

(Please note: Only church members can take place in the affirmation vote.)



Eldership Appointment Responsibility Summary
Eldership, Biblical Introduction
Eldership Appointment Nomination Form