Who are you inviting to church this Sunday?

By October 18, 2016Pastor's Corner

This past Sunday, I challenged our church community to ask God who it is that He may be calling each of us to invite to church next Sunday. I’ve already heard from a few people who have take that challenge very seriously and are planning on being obedient to the voice of God and inviting some neighbours and friends to church. Which is awesome!

Because here’s the thing – whether we realize it our not, our lives are filled with people who are hurting and in desperate need of the hope, healing and forgivingness that Jesus (and only Jesus) provides. They may appear to have it all together on the outside, but if you push in deep enough you will discover that they are searching for something deeper in life. And so by simply inviting a coworker or a neighbour or a friend who doesn’t know Jesus to church on Sunday – where they will hear about the love and grace and mercy of God found in Jesus – you may be one of the most loving thing you could possibly do for them. It’s possible that God could use a simple invitation to change a persons life (and eternity!).

So let me ask you again: Who is God asking you to invite to church this Sunday?

– Jeff