The Light of Christmas

Christmas is all about how how Jesus Christ – the light of Christmas – entered into the darkness of our world and shone his bright light into it. A light so bright that our very hearts and lives could be changed and set free from the darkness forever. This Christmas, why not shine a little light into your hearts. Join us on Sundays throughout the month of December as we talk about how “The Light of Christmas” can shine brightly in us this Christmas.

The Light of Christmas: Light for our Fear

In the Biblical account of the Christmas story, every time an angel appeared to someone, the first sentence out of it’s mouth was “Do not fear.” The reality is that fear and anxiety are powerful emotions; Emotions that have the potential to cripple us and to keep us living in darkness. Just as children (and adults too) are often afraid of the dark and find comfort in the light, Jesus longs to shine His light into our darkness and into our fear. Jesus longs to set us free from our fear this Christmas. So what are you so afraid of?

The Light of Christmas: Light in the Darkness

“Light” and “Dark” are major themes throughout the pages of Scripture. In Ephesians 5:8, the Apostle Paul invites us to live as people of light in a dark world. In John 8:12,  Jesus identifies himself as “the light of the world”. And in John 1:5, the Gospel of John speaks of Jesus as a “light shining in the darkness”. And yet, despite these passages (and many others), and despite the hope that we have in Jesus (the light of Christmas); our world, and even our lives at times, feels as though they remain in complete and utter darkness. Why is that? What is it about the “darkness” that traps and enslaves us? And how might Jesus want to shine his light into the darkness of your life this advent season as we prepare for Christmas? Listen here to find out!