Dan Chook Reid

Campfire Stories: The Story of Nehemiah

Have you ever looked out over your city and felt deep despair and sadness? Has your heart stirred, moving you to pray, longing to see a move of God? Nehemiah saw his city in a state of destruction because of his people’s disobedience and it stirred within him a vision for his nation. When Nehemiah saw shame and discouragement, his faith caused him to believe that God could redeem and restore. Hear how his visionary leadership is a foreshadowing of the very work Jesus was coming to do.

Campfire Stories: The Story of Ruth

Ruth is a story of great pain, despair and loss. Ruth herself displays great loyalty, commitment and trust. There is great faith met by unexpected provision. In addition, Ruth experiences deep sadness and mourning and yet, through risk and vulnerability, she finds love. Hear how this classic love story of devotion, faith and partnership point to the person of Jesus.

Follow Me: Being With Jesus

Following Jesus starts with being with Jesus; with knowing Him, hearing from Him, and enjoying His presence in our lives. The question is “How?”. How can we become the kind of people who follow Jesus by “Being with Jesus”? Listen here to find out.

Address the Mess: Move Towards the Mess

Whether we’re religious or not, we've all made some messes along the way. We've all thought, "My life is a mess." So, let's talk about it.

Jesus told us to love our neighbours as ourselves. But that’s easier said than done. What are the limits of our responsibility to others? The answer may surprise you.


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Prove It: A New Commandment

What does it look like to have a faith that is bigger than words? A faith that proves our love for God is real? Listen now as we continue in the series “Prove It” through the book of 1 John. 

Conflict Zones: Knowing the Enemy

The Bible teaches us that our physical enemy is not our real enemy - that we fight not against ‘flesh and blood’ but against spiritual powers and authorities in the spiritual realm; demonic powers who are hell-bent on our destruction. So what are we to do about this? Listen here to find out!

Christmas Preparations: Joy

We often allow our circumstances to impact our attitude and assume that happiness is found in achievement or accumulation.  But the Shepherds were relative social outcasts and yet the angels came to them; their experience of joy was not limited by their circumstances. How can we prepare ourselves to be joyful this Christmas?  What are practices that we can develop that will help us to “rejoice in all circumstances”, even when holidays like Christmas can serve as reminders of loss, hurt and lack in our lives? Listen now to find out!

Father’s Day

Pastor Dan brings a special Father’s Day message as he looks at the character of the Father, from Luke 15:11-32.  Listen now!

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Journey to the Cross: A Clash Between Kingdoms

Pastor Dan concludes our journey through the Gospel of Mark and looks at the story of Jesus being put on trial before Pilate.  Would Pilate find Jesus guilty and needing to be sentenced to death?  Would he find Him innocent and sentence Him anyway?  Or would He be one of the prisoners that get set free?  Listen here to find out!

Journey to the Cross: Are You the Christ? The Ultimate Rejection

Listen here as we continue to prepare our hearts for Easter as we conclude our journey through the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Dan looks at the story of Jesus being put on trial.  Would the high council find evidence against Jesus so they could put Him to death?  What will Jesus say in His own defence?  Listen now to find out!