Get To Know Your Leaders: Annika

By October 8, 2015Youth Blog

Here we go! Instalment number one of Get To Know Your Leader! Stay tuned to find out a bit more about those crazy folk who love hanging out with JH and HS Students!

Well hello there! My name’s Annika (yes, that’s like Monica without the “M” or harmonica without the “harm” etc.) and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself and tell you all sorts of facts you never wanted to know about me!

First off, I feel it’s important you know I’m loving hanging out with the youth at the Gathering – you guys are good peeps. Now, I know it’s hard to believe, but when I was in high school I was the quiet nerdy kid who decided to redefine herself in grade 12 by joining the rugby team. Turns out I give a good smack-down. In all honesty though, what got me through high school was good friends and youth leaders at church who helped me figure out who I was and what God was calling me to. That’s how I ended up here.

Other than that you probably should know I enjoy swing dancing (yes that kind of old dance your grandparents did), that I have ambitions to live on a houseboat at some point and that I’ve picked up a total of two hitchhikers.

That’s me! I’m looking forward to this year, and getting to know all of you!


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