Conversation Staters: Amos (Part 2)

If you missed Sunday February 9th’s message, “Amos, Part 2”, you can watch or listen to it online by clicking here. In your Home Church, use as many or as few of these discussion questions as you need to in order to start a good conversation:

  • How have these texts in Amos (8:1-7; 6:1-7) addressing something true about myself?
  • Are you in a season of complacency? Have you lost sight of what is most important in life?
  • When pressed (challenges and trials), in what source(s) do you find your comfort and security?
  • How do Amos’ words make you feel? What is God saying to you personally? What does he desire of our church family?
  • What do you imagine needs to change in regards to our social structures / order that would enable human flourishing for everyone? How does that impact various areas of your life in regards to personal practice, political discernment etc?
  • How do you deal with complacency?  How does the message of Amos shape your life?