Conversation Starters: Light for our Fear

By December 10, 2017Conversation Starters

Missed Sunday December 10ths message “Light for our Fear”? Listen here, or watch on Facebook.

  • Debrief Sunday morning’s service. How did God speak to you?
  • OPENER: What is one thing are afraid of? Spend some time going around the room, allowing each person to share something that they are afraid of (and why they are afraid of that thing).
  • “Do not Fear” is the number one commandment in the Bible. What’s so significant about that?
  • Jeff shared eight different “Fears of the Heart”:
    • Fear of Failure
    • Fear of the Future
    • Fear of Being Alone
    • Fear of Rejection
    • Fear of What Others Think
    • Fear of ”The Other”
    • Fear of Discomfort
    • Fear of God’s Grace
  • Which fear(s) on this list (above) do you most resonate with and why?
  • Read 2 Timothy 1:7 and unpack the truth of this short verse together. What’s so significant about the first line in this verse? What is a ‘spirit of power? A ‘spirit of love’? And a ‘spirit of self-discipline’? How do these three things combat fear?
  • Jeff shared 5 practical steps we can take in order to deal with our fears:
    1. Name It
      • Ask God to reveal your fear to you. Sometimes we are blind to our fear.
    2. Expose the Lie
      • Ask God to reveal the lie underneath the fear that you are believing.
    3. Speak Truth
      • Quote Scripture in the face of your fear
    4. Pray Against It
      • Pray boldly against the fear that has you in it’s grip
    5. Face It
      • Take a baby-step towards confronting your fear
  • Which step(s) are most helpful to you? What step(s) do you sense God inviting you to take in order to confront your fear(s)?
  • Spend some time in prayer for one another as a group.