By February 23, 2020Conversation Starters

If you missed Sunday February 23rd’s message, “The Lord’s Prayer: Daily Bread”, you can watch or listen to it online by clicking here. In your Home Church, use as many or as few of these discussion questions as you need to in order to start a good conversation:

  • Pray together to open things up, concluding with The Lord’s Prayer.
  • Tonight’s discussion is about the fourth petition in the Lord’s Prayer,  “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread“. What makes this part of the prayer so important?
  • Why is it that we are sometimes tempted to think that prayer for our daily physical needs is not all that spiritual or important to God? How does Jesus seem to challenge that in this prayer?
  • What do you think Jesus meant by “Daily Bread” (beyond being about our daily basic needs – food, shelter, & clothing)? What makes this so significant?
  • Jeff talked about “Five Things We Are Praying For” when praying for our Daily Bread (see below). Which one(s) most resonate with you right now in this season of life? Why?
    1. For basic physical needs to be met. (Philippians 4:19)
    2. For everything necessary for functioning in the world.
    3. For everything necessary for living the Kingdom life. (Matthew 6:33)
    4. For spiritual sustenance. (Matthew 4:4)
    5. For Jesus Himself! (John 6:35, 48-51)
  • What is significant about the plural pronouns in this prayer? How can praying this pray lead us to a lifestyle of compassion and solidarity with the poor?
  • How does daily dependance on the Father to provide for your Daily Needs challenge your natural independence?
  • How does praying this prayer lead us towards a lifestyle of gratitude and thanksgiving?
  • Jeff shared a few other ways we can pray for our daily bread. Which one most resonates with you? Why?
    • Provide for every physical, emotional, and spiritual need in my life today!
    • Provide for every physical, emotional, and spiritual need in _____’s life today!
    • Use me to provide for the needs of others today!
    • Awaken me to the reality of my dependence on you today!
    • Increase your presence in my life today; I need you more than the air that I breathe!
    • Provide for the poor in my community and show me how you can use me to meet their needs.
    • I need your word; speak to me through the Scriptures.
    • Make me grateful; help me to see everything good in my life as a gift from you!
    • Let me encounter your presence in a deep way at the Communion Table today.
    • Thank you!!
  • Spend some time in prayer, praying “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” in whatever way most resonates with each person.
  • (Remember to pray The Lord’s Prayer daily & deeply this week!)