Conversation Starters: Amos (Part 1)

If you missed Sunday February 2nd’s message, “Amos, Part 1”, you can watch or listen to it online by clicking here. In your Home Church, use as many or as few of these discussion questions as you need to in order to start a good conversation:

  • Who are the poor and powerless today? Who or what are the forces that exploit and oppress them today?  What are some primary things that drive people to exploit others?
  • As followers of Jesus, how do the choices we make, the food/products we purchase, the political parties we support etc. contribute to the flourishing of society?
  • Is your heart attuned to the ways of the world like Amos? An idiom to describe merchants taking advantage of their customers. Do we see injustice where others dismiss it as ‘the way things are’?
  • Pastor Josh mentioned the phrase ‘is your thumb on the scale,’ an idiom to describe merchants taking advantage of their customers. In what ways is your thumb on the scale? In what ways are we complicit as a society and as individuals in the ways in which the economy is rigged against the poor?
  • What practices can we make on an individual/community level to work towards renewal and restoration?
  • How do Amos’ words make you feel? What is God saying to you personally? What does he desire of our community?
  • What connections can you make with the text and our city?
  • What do you imagine would have to change in order for everyone in our city to have the opportunity to flourish and thrive?